Nina Jorgensen

Medical Director

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Dr. Nina Jorgensen is Chief Medical Director at Avalon Hills. She has been a Pediatrician and adolescent medicine provider for 18 years. She has a compassionate and caring approach to clients. In addition to her role at Avalon Hills, she maintains a private practice, where she works with adolescent females. She enjoys integrating all of the physical clues and complaints in an effort to make sense of them. It’s a puzzle she enjoys piecing together–understanding each client within the context of these complex psychiatric illnesses that have medical and nutritional complications.

Following a Bachelor of Arts from Smith College, Dr. Nina obtained her M.D. from Dartmouth Medical School. Her pediatrics specialty came from the University of Utah Medical Center with additional work and training at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Nina enjoys educating clients, in an effort to help them make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being. She believes that health and medicine are impacted by the choices we make. She loves being a part of each client’s recovery. She notes, “It is thrilling and rewarding to help someone regain health and emotional strength and thrive in their personal life”.

Dr. Nina is an active and mother. Her four children keep her busy with soccer and musical events all over the state. She and her family love to travel, ski and garden. In what little spare time she has, she is an avid runner and utilizes running to maintain a balanced life.