McKenzie Eskelson’s edited Avalon Story

It's hard to put into words how I feel about Avalon and the people that make Avalon run. But here is my best attempt.

I started working at Avalon almost 3 years ago! From the first time I heard about Avalon in a social work class at the university I knew that I wanted to work there. I was hired as a DC a month later. I have learned so much about myself and about eating disorders. As a DC you spend so much time with the clients and get to know them so well. You get to help them through all the hard and good times of recovery. You sit with them at the table and help them learn new skills around food and behaviors. You get to laugh and joke with them and my favorite part is watching them come alive again. The clients come in so sick and they don't have enough energy or brain power to be themselves. And watching them become spunky and healthy is really rewarding. It takes a toll on you sometimes to watch how sick some clients are when they first get her but to watch them transform is pretty awesome.

I got promoted to become a Neurofeedback technician a year and a half ago. It has been a great opportunity to train and learn how our brains can change! I think more treatment centers need to be doing neurofeedback. We have seen changes in the admit qs compared to the 30 day qs and it is so cool!! As I have gotten more comfortable training and meeting with clients in this new role I have been able to make meaningful connections with clients, like when I was a DC! And I really think that's what makes Avalon so great these connections with the clients. No matter what role people have at Avalon we know the clients name and some of their story, they are not just another number, they are not just more money. I have been in treatment team when Stephen and Julie want anything that can keep the clients insurance going so they can continue to get the care the client needs. I have seen therapists fighting for the best treatment in the little time we have with clients. I have seen DC staff staying late, taking time to talk to clients to ensure that they get the care they deserve.

I hope as I continue to work at Avalon I can help make a difference with Avalon to improve other facilities. I LOVE treat to outcome and I have seen many different people fight for this at Avalon. Everyone one deserves the best care to overcome difficult times in their lives.

- McKenzie Eskelson, Neurofeedback Technician

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