Katelin Jensen’s Avalon Story

I began working at Avalon in the fall of 2014 after working for a residential treatment facility in Provo for a couple of years. Avalon was definitely a breath of fresh air after that job. We were constantly being undermined by therapists and treatment team members, the ratio's were never correct, and we kept clients that needed a much higher level of care for months and months longer than I feel we should have. I have always appreciated how I feel like I have a voice at Avalon, even before becoming a member of treatment team. Therapists have always been more than willing to meet with me to help me better understand something or to hear my input on a client or situation.

I was originally hired as a direct care staff, and was promoted to the supervisor position within months. After working at the adolescent unit for around 11 months, I was transferred to the adult unit. I was TERRIFIED to say the least. I have a very quirky personality that I thought only adolescents would enjoy, but to my relief, the adults liked my weirdness as well! I loved my time at both homes and could never pick a favorite when asked because they both have their own especially difficult and wonderful parts.

When I received the email from HR that they were looking for another Nerd (yes, it's capitalized on purpose due to how special we are (: ) I was beyond excited. As a super, I was always interested in learning more about the neuro program at Avalon and was learning about some of those things in my Psych classes at Utah State. I was so nervous before my interview but also felt incredibly confident that I would be a perfect fit for the job! The day after my interview, I was offered the position and obviously gladly accepted. I have been a "Nerd" for over 7 months so far and feel that I have learned so much already. I love what I do and find the work extremely interesting and rewarding. It has been fun to transition from a direct care staff to a more professional role and has been a great learning experience for me. I love being a part of the treatment team and helping to further my clients progress in the program.

Avalon has helped me to meet many people that play important roles in my life. When I first started working here, I had moved to Logan a week or 2 previous and only knew one person in the valley. Through my job here, I have made innumerable friends that I'm sure will remain in my life for years to come. Our field definitely brings together a unique, fun and very loving group of people that I am proud to be associated with.

I feel that Avalon truly cares for and wants the best for our girls. I constantly see evidence of that in our treatment team meetings as well as our individualized approaches with clients. Everyone attending those meetings are personally invested in getting our clients the help that they need whether that is through our own services or reaching out to others to reach those goals. I am proud to be a part of that team.

I always felt that Avalon had a unique program, but it was not until my recent trip to Portland with Benita, Don, Tera, and Ed that I realized just how remarkably unique we are in comparison to other facilities. So many others feel that it is a race to get their clients in and out the door, when in reality, they are shoving a very sick individual back into the world with zero skills to navigate their eating disorder. They just get them weight restored and kick them out without even scraping the surface of the underlying issues of the eating disorder. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE FOOD! Duh. It has nearly brought me to tears each time that I think back to our experience there. I have gained so much respect and appreciation for all the work that has been/ is/ will be done to keep Avalon a place that actually addresses the issues and helps our girls recover! Thank you everyone!!!

What's great about the Nerd Herd? Where do I even begin? I absolutely love the ladies that I get to work with every day. They are constantly helping me to grow and learn both in my professional life but also in my personal life.

Thank you so much for all of the work and sacrifices that you have made for the company Benita. Our trip last week has been on my mind. YOU ARE A WARRIOR!! Keep it up!

- Katelin Jensen, Neurofeedback Technician

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