April Moen’s Avalon Story

After serving 4 years of active duty in the Navy I moved to Logan for school. I heard about Avalon Hills from a fellow student and immediately brought my application into Wesley. I didn't have much background in eating disorders but wanted to go into mental health. I have learned so much in the past 2.5 years from clients and staff. I know our program is unique compared to other ED programs based on what clients have told me. My mind was blown when I was told other facilities allow you to have a bathroom connected to your bedroom, or don't properly monitor bathrooms. I was in awe when a client told me at her last in patient facility the staff plated meals and snacks for the clients. In her mind this meant someone else was forcing her to eat- that's how she justified it. So when she discharged and went home she couldn't make herself eat. AND how shocked was I to discover the inpatient stay at other facilities is insanely short! Avalon was all I knew of residential care and I honestly cannot fathom anything different. I LOVE Avalon because we provide a high quality of care for our clients. We treat eating disorders. This is something that not everyone will understand but in my opinion other facilities do not even come close to treating ED. We actually treat the eating disorder.

I appreciate all the staff I've worked with at Avalon. One thing you can always count on is that everyone pulls together as a team when times get tough. I've been able to feel that sense of camaraderie I previously experienced in the Navy. I've also made lasting friendships and had the most incredible career opportunities, like becoming a neurofeedback technician. I think us nerds are pretty cool :)

Stand By You by Rachel Platten IS Avalon's theme song. Every time I hear it I'm brought to tears thinking about our mission as a Team.


We stand by our clients through the good and bad and support them when they feel like they can't continue forward towards recovery... or sometimes life. We walk through hell with them until they can see heaven. We are there for them when other facilities have already given up. We have faith in their ability to recover and dammit we are determined!

This is why I love Avalon Hills. I will forever be grateful and indebted for my experience here.

- April Moen

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