Tara Atwood’s Avalon Story

My name is Tara Atwood and I have worked as a nurse at Avalon Hills for over 2 years. When I first got my nursing license I thought, "I want to work in any area of nursing but psych." I saw an ad in the newspaper to work at Avalon Hills and figured I might as well try it! Since then I've learned so many things from Avalon. I've learned true care and compassion for our patients from all members of staff. It is apparent that the success of these women is deeply important for those involved in the recovery process. I've learned how to help those who are struggling mentally and emotionally from the best therapists and treatment team members I've had the privileged of working with. I've learned that eating disorders are SO much more than just wanting to look thin and pretty. This has helped me in my personal life to help those that I know who are struggling with eating disorders. I've learned about all of the physical complications that come from having an eating disorder, along with the deep-rooted mental and emotional struggles.

Most of all, I've learned how important it is to not only weight restore a patient and send them on their way, but to make sure the whole healing process, mentally and physically, has taken place. Eating disorders can't be fixed just by a patient becoming weight restored. A huge issue with eating disorder patients is that they struggle with mindset. Sending a patient on their way before they have recognized the dangers of the habits they have been engaging in will set them up for quick relapse.

Weight restoration is not the end of the healing process! There is so much more to an eating disorder than malnutrition!

- Tara Atwood

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