Paula Lauscher’s Avalon Story

What does working for Avalon Hills mean to me?

It means being a part of a team that sees real changes in our clients. We see the struggles that they go through, and are able to be there for them when they seem to need us the most. You cannot do that unless you treat to outcome.

I have seen many of our clients that come in have one word responses to questions, flat affects and have no trust in treatment center having gone to multiple ones before coming to our facility. We show them how much we care about them and their recovery by getting to know their stories, laughing, crying, sitting with them during struggling times. This is what our team does! I must say we are great at it. Every one of our staff members is will to go the extra mile for any of our clients and other staff members. We are a team that is what makes us work.

I love being able to watch our clients leave knowing that they are confident in themselves. Having the clients come up to you or write you notes to say thanks for everything you did. It makes everything we do seem that much more important.

- Paula Lauscher

treat to outcome




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