Melody Carolan’s Avalon Story

Hi, I am Melody Carolan. I look forward to meeting you in person, but for now I am happy to talk by email:) I moved to UT from OR in 2012. This is my first job as a nurse, and I am graduating this December with my RN. I love backpacking, yoga and pizza Sundays with my husband and dog- a scrappy mutt named Hero.

What attracted me to Avalon Hills? I walk a lot, and initially I noticed the Logan office building..It's hard to explain. I felt a specific affinity to it. I went home and read about Avalon's mission online. Later, before I finished my LPN, I went in and introduced myself. Winnie showed me around, answered my questions and introduced me to the animals, and I was SOLD:) So much of what is done here at Avalon exposes the girls/women to "life" (horses, kayaking, bonfires, Zumba). You guys provide so many experiences and relationships worth treasuring. You offer something to love more than their ED.

Two important people in my life have struggled seriously with EDs. One is a close friend (her son is my godson) and the other is a member of my family. Each of their experiences (binge-purge, restrict, over-exercise, the use of different metabolism-altering medications/drugs...) have looked different and effected the people around them differently, but the things I learned and observed in those relationships helped me to prepare for my relationships here at Avalon.

I feel tremendously grateful to be working for Avalon Hills. In pouring through your emails, I see everything reiterated that I see each shift that I work: people helping people (staff and patients alike) and giving their all. The nurses and other staff not only have the heart for this job, but they have the smarts-both! They are attentive to detail and present emotionally. I couldn't ask for better co-workers and management. Each email that goes out from Carissa or Lesle- even our calendar/schedule has written on it "Thank you for all that you do!" I feel appreciated and supported. I know that that starts at the top, so thank you!

Lastly, I have loved seeing the women give back. Those packages sent to Africa for women wanting to attend school were so special. Plus, I see the women help one another on a daily basis. Okay, well, I hope to meet you in the coming months and wish you lots of energy to keep fighting the good fight against those wolves! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us all:)

- Melody Carolan

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