Lesle Dickey’s Avalon Story

Here is what makes Avalon different than any other job I have had.

Mostly, there are 3 things.

1. When I am at work or even working from home, I feel like I am working with my brothers and sisters. I feel free to express my thoughts and feelings whether it is about a patient or the person I'm talking to. We work together so much that most of us greatly trust the opinions of our work family. Most of us go to each other for advice, comfort, and to share our joys as well. These people are the ones we count on in so many different situations that you have trust on a different level than most.

2. It is so amazing to see these patients go from the beginning of their treatment to the end. Most of the time the difference is so profound. When their brain comes back online and their personality blossoms it is amazing. It is so rewarding to see all of the progress.

3. Treat To Outcome... Each patient starts in a different place. This means their outcome is always different. So, to me, Avalon Hills treats to each patients best outcome. If insurance cuts out after 3 weeks or 9 long months and the patient continues to make their best effort, Avalon is willing to continue on their journey with them.

These are a few things that make Avalon Hills amazing!

Thanks, Lesle

- Lesle Dickey

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