Chad Speth’s Avalon Story

For the past 11 years, I have had the privilege of working at Avalon Hills. This truly has been a great experience for me and definitely the highlight of my career. I love treating people and helping them to get the help they need. I started my schooling and my career with the intention of working in a hospital, either in an emergency department or ICU setting. I came to Avalon in 2005 after treating some of the first patients of Avalon’s in the urgent care. I very quickly came to love treating this patient population. Learning the art of treating eating disorders has been one of the biggest challenges as well as greatest blessings of my career. The patients we take care of here at Avalon are every bit as challenging as any of the patients I took care of in critical care settings. I love learning and growing in my knowledge and experience. Most importantly, I love seeing people truly get better. Treating eating disorder patients is some of the most rewarding work I’ve done.

My favorite part of Avalon is the treatment to outcome philosophy. I went into healthcare to take care of people and to hopefully make some difference in improving their lives. This treatment philosophy goes hand in hand with my desire to help people. I’ve seen so many get better. I’ve seen patients who were deemed to be “chronic” or whose insurance and other providers had given up on them actually begin to embrace recovery and make peace with their bodies for the first time in years or for the first time ever.

I also love working at Avalon and working with a dedicated team. The team approach is so valuable and each member of the team is dedicated and competent. We work really well together to give the best patient care we can. I appreciate so much, each of my colleges at Avalon. From the highest levels of ownership and leadership to everyone else throughout the company. Each one is working for the betterment of the patients we treat. Everyone works so hard and so well together to achieve the goal of “treatment to outcome”. We are united in our purpose and dedication to help others get better. Bottom line is, IT WORKS!! People do recover and get their lives back. The dedication of the people here is what make the Avalon philosophy happen! I am proud to be able to be a small part of seeing recovery happen!

- Chad B. Speth FNP-BC, Primary Care Provider

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