Taylor Bird’s Avalon Story

My name is Taylor Bird; I was born and raised here in the Logan, Utah area. I have been working for Avalon Hills since November of 2013. The first 3 years I worked as a Direct Care Supervisor, and in September 2016 I was offered the position as the Yoga Instructor for Avalon Hills and proudly accepted. I received my yoga teacher certificate in Baja, Mexico during a 26 day intensive training through Yandara Yoga Institute.

I myself have never had an easy childhood/early adulthood. My parents divorced when I was eight years old and I feel like from then up until about 20 years old, I was faced with constant, multiple challenges and hardships. I felt so alone during those times and felt like it would never stop. I was able to let go of those things holding me down through dedication, compassion, and love towards myself and those around me. It is a big relief to feel free from the past. Life still happens and you deal with hard times, but you will always get through it with gentle understanding and awareness for the situation.

Having gone through my own life experiences, I felt this deep desire to want to help those girls and women through their fears like I had once needed. I feel like I can relate and understand to the hardships and trauma we face and CONQUER every day here at Avalon Hills. The time working for Avalon Hills, I have had the opportunity to help many girls through tough challenges and painful times while in treatment and being able to see these strong girls striving for recovery and witnessing them reach that goal has been the most rewarding thing about this job. Each and every girl/women that walks through those front doors is a fighter, and they are choosing to fight for their lives every day they are here with us at Avalon Hills. It is a blessing to work for a company where I get to see painful hardships while still experiencing positive outcomes. I am proud to say I can help and support these clients through their journey in Recovery.

I am grateful to have worked as Direct Care for the 3 years, and I am even more grateful to have the opportunity to continue helping these girls through yoga and meditation. I myself got into the practice of Yoga for self-healing and I am excited and honored to share the healing effects yoga and meditation can have for the body and the mind, as well as other positive attributes that will come from the practice.

Avalon Hills has been a blessing in my life in more ways than one, and I look forward to many more years with the company.


- Taylor Bird

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