Lindsay Snuffer’s Avalon Story

Although I have not been a member of the Avalon team long I am honored that I was hired to work at such an awesome facility.

As a direct care staff, I spend the most time with the girls throughout treatment and have gotten to witness first-hand the hard work and coordination that goes into helping these girls recover and I can tell that there is not one person who does not care deeply about the clients in the program- myself included.

I don't have experience working in other care programs and I am new to this line of work, but I can say without exaggeration that every time someone asks about what I do for work the words "I love my job" are included in my answer and I don't doubt the same goes for the other staff.

Thank you Avalon for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference in someone's road to recovery.

- Lindsay Snuffer

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