Kayla Bouaphaseuth’s Avalon Story

My Avalon Experience

I'm Kayla Bouaphaseuth (or as many call me, Kayla B.) and I have worked as a direct care associate at Avalon Hills for a little over 8 years....I LOVE my job. Since I was a teen, I have always wanted to work in a therapy-type position. I've been surrounded by addiction for the better part of my life, and suffered from depression, an eating disorder, and self harm during my teen years. Having my son saved me, and being a mom was, and is, a priority for me. Being a single mom, I didn't go to college to get a degree to follow my dreams. BUT one day, while working in a call center and hating it, I came across a posting for a position at an eating disorder facility...applying here was the best decision I ever made and I have never once regretted it. I don't get to spend a lot of time getting to know our clients (or even some staff for that matter) since I've always worked graves, but just knowing I'm part of a company, and a mission, that I believe so strongly in has been AMAZING!

I have to give a BIG shout out to my fellow DC staff....sometimes when I come in at night and get report for the day, I honestly don't know how they all do it, but they do! And, like myself, I know they genuinely care about each and every client who comes here. Also, a comment on "Treat to Outcome". Like I stated earlier, seeing all sides of addiction throughout my life, Treat to Outcome is a huge deal to me. Knowing we are there from the beginning, every step of the way, helping our clients and teaching them skills and doing everything we can to ensure their recovery once they leave Avalon....not just having them go through the motions, or steps, and rushing them through treatment. This is what makes Avalon such a wonderful place to me...and a place I am proud to tell anyone and everyone I work for!

- Kayla Bouaphaseuth

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