Rachel Rood’s Avalon Story

About me

As a dietitian, I had spent most of my career in academics, with some time spent at WIC and at a hospital. We moved to Cache Valley in 2007, right before a big recession. I had assumed that I would take on more classes at the University, but they were laying off adjunct faculty, not hiring. I saw an RD position advertised at Avalon in 2008 and talked myself out of applying. I thought it would be too hard, too depressing and sad. A year later, I was still looking for more work and saw another position was open at Avalon, I decided the only way I’d know if I liked it, was to try it. Now I tell people that working at Avalon is the dream job I never knew I wanted.

What I love about Avalon

I love being a member of a collaborative treatment team. I love feeling like my opinion and expertise are important and valued, I also appreciate getting feedback from other members of the team on how I can do my job better and meet clients’ needs. I love that my job is never the same, and I’m always being challenged and having to think outside the box to provide interventions and challenges to help clients in their recovery process. I love that we have fun.

What Treat to Outcome means to me

I’ve heard from so many clients about their “revolving door” experiences at other treatment centers. I’ve had many clients express gratitude that Avalon hasn’t given up on them and kicked them out when insurance threatened to cut out. I’m so grateful that we fight for our clients to get the full treatment that they need so we can improve their chances for recovery.

What makes my job rewarding

My initial fears that working at Avalon would be too hard, sad and depressing have proven to be unfounded. In fact, my experience has been just the opposite. Although my job can be very hard at times, and I’m often the most feared and hated member of the treatment team (although I’ve had clients tell me that they tried to hate me, but just couldn’t; or they hate what I do – not me personally) by the time clients leave they usually express heartfelt thanks for all we have done for them, and I’ve received and treasured personal thank you notes that have touched my heart. Many clients do have sad stories that I hear when they admit, and many are living a shell of an existence as they are trapped in the throes of an eating disorder. But, as they go through the recovery process and as I’ve had the privilege to do follow-up trips and meet with them in their home environment, its inspiring and exciting to see them engaged in their lives and actually thriving, free from their eating disorder. Seeing the transformation in women we treat is the greatest reward of all.

- Rachel T. Rood, MS,RD,CD

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