Anne Stephens’ Avalon Story

My story began 8 years ago, which seems like only a few short months ago. "Time flies when you're having fun" resonates with me at this time. These years have flown by, because I have had fun, have stayed busy, and learned a lot from my employment here. I will genuinely miss my days here, my coworkers especially. To say that I have learned a lot would be an understatement. My knowledge has grown exponentially, not only with dietary, but with every department. When I began my employment here, I was anxious as most people are. Over time, I have come to truly enjoy this work and I will have a very difficult time leaving.

Treat to Outcome is meaningful to me because it is what we stand for as a company. It means that we do not treat to insurance. It means that we work hard as a treatment team to ensure our clients have the best chance to return to their lives. Not just returning them to their homes and hope and pray that they can make it; we wait and we give them exposures so that they can have the best chance of success at home.

Avalon Hills is unique because of the people that we have here. The staff, therapists, dietitians, culinary staff, direct care, educations, equine, are what make us unique. Our caring and compassionate ways are what make is unique. We truly have our client's best interest at heart. That is what I love about Avalon Hills, and I see it every day in rounds, in our interactions, and our attitudes.

Thanks so much to the Avalon team for being so great!

- Anne Stephens, RD, CD

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