Sharon Walls’ Avalon Story

Today is my two-month anniversary as a therapist at Avalon Hills... yes, two months! And the theme for me is the generous welcome I have received from each and every staff member at Avalon Hills. Moving to a new town, new job and new life is daunting and from the moment I have stepped onto Logan soil I have felt invited into the Avalon Hills tribe.

What many folks do not know is that I recently worked as a clinical director for a rehab for alcohol and drug addictions in Salt Lake City. My heart is in addiction work but I always have known that eating disorders would be my passion... one day.

I moved to Salt Lake City thinking I would be living there for years! After residing in Jackson Hole for fifteen years and working at a hospital and private practice... I dug my heels in and thought Salt Lake would be my home! And then one day I received a call from Mike Smith saying "Would you be interested in working with eating disorders... in Logan... and I thought to myself ... I cannot move again - after one year.

I kept an open mind and decided to consider the opportunity. It was at this point I had the privilege of meeting Don and Tera on the web - and I knew instantly it could be a great fit! Hearing about the collaboration with Dan Siegel, Norman Doidge and Ed Hamlin was spellbinding! I had only met these mentors in books and at conferences. And I I thought long and hard about this life transition and still decided I could not move again!!!

So I closed the door at that point - even though I never forgot about that interview. Then, six weeks later I get this call from Tera ... saying... would you still be interested? How can you refuse this kind of invitation...?

So here I am at Avalon Hills, moved in to my new house, working with this amazing team. Every day I think back to a patient I worked with in my private practice that did not survive an eating disorder. I think of all the patients that I have worked with through the years that have been stuck and now I know there is a way out - change the brain and you change the outcome. Avalon Hills has the key - we just need to find a way to mesmerize and bring compassion to their world. I know I am in the right place with the right team to take patients from treatment to outcome.

The welcome here has been phenomenal... and most of all I learn from the clients every day. They are my compass, they pave the way, and I am so honored to be part of this tribe.

Sending kindness,

- Sharon Walls

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