Morgan Madsen’s Avalon Story

My name is Morgan Madsen and I am a case manager at Avalon Hills. Before becoming a case manager, I worked in direct care for a year and a half. I began working at Avalon shortly after receiving my bachelor’s degree in human movement science from Utah State University. Throughout school we would touch briefly on eating disorders in nearly all of my classes, occasionally Avalon would be mentioned, more than once another student raised their hand to tell the class that they worked at Avalon. However, when I began working here, I quickly learned that I knew nearly nothing about eating disorders.

Despite my education weighing heavily in health, psychology, sport, and physiology not once had a real image been painted of how eating disorders affected actual individuals. This resulted in my first few months of work being a complete whirlwind and a huge growing experience. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. Working in direct care allowed me to build individual relationships with each client, learning about their struggles and how every employee at Avalon was having an impact on them allowed me see what an incredible program I had joined.

Over the next year and a half I watched many young girls grow and turn their lives around. Being able to have a small part in that process provided me with overwhelming feelings of pride and fulfillment. Now, as I work in my new role as a case manager, I am able to work more closely with clients and their therapists to ensure that every client is taking advantage of and receiving all that Avalon has to offer.

As a case manager I help clients work on areas of treatment that are unique and need extra attention on an individual level. That may mean spending extra time overcoming body image issues, recognizing what healthy exercise looks and feels like, additional time learning ACT or DBT skills, more exposure to fear foods, or sometimes I am just an additional listening ear for a client who feels overwhelmed and wants to talk. I believe that the addition of positions such as this, case managers, adds value to Avalon because it provides a way for clients to be treated on a more personal and individual basis. It is simple things like adding this position that shows me just how much Avalon cares about the overall outcome and recovery of every client. It is because of that great care that I love my job and the company I work for.

- Morgan Madsen

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