Kori, Kim, Bre, Morgan, and Jill's Avalon Story

There are MANY cool things about the new case manager position!

First, treatment team has been amazing for us to to attend to be able to see the work, progress, and passion of the team first-hand. Simply attending treatment team has given us even more hope in Avalon Hills. It's been so rewarding to see how passionate our team members about our clients and the thoughtful work that goes into their treatment.

As case managers in treatment team, we are able to bring awareness by advocating to the team what our client feels like they need to be challenged on and their unique and individual way of having it challenged for them.

Speaking of challenges... since the case management position started, we have been able to individualize treatment even more and focus on challenging clients individually. We have taken clients on hikes, snack outs, on shopping challenges, to NA, Al-anon, and ARP meetings to find what our clients enjoy or don't enjoy, and expose them to community supports that they would like in their lives post residential.

We stay in contact with our clients families and adhere to their concerns and questions appropriately.

Kori has worked with Chad to formulate new guidelines for resistance and clients are learning that resistance is more about form rather than reps. Working with clients to work on exercise mindset being a healthy lifestyle choice rather than a coping mechanism, has allowed clients to overcome fears and rigidity they had previously around exercise.

We have been involved in creating goals and challenges for clients injunction with their therapy work. It allows the the therapist and case managers to work together and implement challenges or ideas that the therapists would not necessarily have the time to do on their own.

Clients are responding very positively to the case manager position! It allows for them to have another one-on-one interaction and for their voice to be heard. As case managers we advocate for experiential challenges that ultimately speak to the individuality of treatment at Avalon Hills.

We love what we do!

- Kori, Kim, Bre, Morgan, and Jill, Case Managers

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