Tarisa Maughan’s Avalon Story

My name is Tarisa Maughan. I have been with the Avalon Hills team for five years now. I have experienced some of the most inspiring moments as I have watched clients come in to Avalon and go through the recovery process. Avalon staff is dedicated to helping the clients work through what is holding them down and being the person they are hiding behind the eating disorder and trauma that has brought them to Avalon Hills. I have watched our staff do amazing things and put the clients needs for recovery first. Our Avalon team loves and cares for all the clients that come into our facilities. I have watched as so many have come in and as they work through to recovery blossom into confident, happy selves. These experiences are what I love about working at Avalon Hills. I get to work with some pretty wonderful people that I love working with and get to watch the process of life and happiness become something new.

- Tarisa Maughan

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