Misha Cantwell’s Avalon Story

I have a Bachelor's in psychology and science, and have worked in substance abuse treatment. I was planning to go on to get my Master's or higher when my father was diagnosed with Leukemia and my babysitter, my mother, needed to devote more time to his care. She was also taking care of my grandmother who was at an advanced stage of dementia. My options were limited so I went back to work in an unrelated field, but always wanted to work in an area that I could use my education and to help others. I jumped at the chance to work for Avalon Hills when it was presented.

I had been working for AH a little less than 3 months when my father-in-law suddenly passed away. I was overwhelmed by the love and concern show to me by the corporate AH employees, and you Benita. I didn't expect anything since I was a newbie here, but the arrangement that was sent to the funeral was exquisite. As if that wasn't enough, I was given a beautiful orchid for my office. Wes was amazing to talk to about it and extended as much time as I needed to grieve, even though I had not accrued much PTO. I was so touched, and feel this is a prime example of how we at AH pull together and support each other.

The billing office isn't usually the thing that people think of with success at AH, and we typically work quietly behind the scenes. However, what we do is critical to the bigger picture here, especially with Treat to Outcome. The insurance arena has gotten very difficult to navigate, and we often have to fight extensively to get insurance to pay. The new motto for insurance is that payment is not guaranteed even with authorization. We are consistently challenged with new and creative reasons from insurance to avoid payments, and we have to be just as dedicated and savvy to stay on top. It can be frustrating and challenging, but we work so well together, believe in the mission here, and try to keep a sense of humor. We laugh every time we give the insurance hell and win! We love that we are able to keep clients in treatment because we fight harder. We earn the title of honey badgers every day!

- Misha Cantwell

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