KarLee Roberts’ Avalon Hills Story

My name is KarLee Roberts and I have worked at Avalon Hills for two and a half years as the personal assistant to the CEO. When I was in high school the job kind of fell into my lap and I thought hey it will be nice to make some money. Now I look back on my time at Avalon and feel so blessed to be a part of something so amazing. Even though my job does not involve working with the clients I get to be a silent fly on the wall to all the work that goes on to provide the best possible treatment. Years of research and relationship building have gone into improving and innovating our treatment. We will continue to try and find even better ways to, ask Benita puts it, Treat the whole person.

Because of Avalon’s drive to treat the whole person and help each person overcome their disorder it usually means that insurance quits paying. But that doesn’t stop Avalon. We continue to treat the individual and many hours by many individuals go into fighting insurance companies to continue paying. To me this is incredible. No other health place, that I am aware of, fights for you like Avalon does. At Avalon you are not just another bill coming in, you are a person seeking help and we will do everything to help you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone fight for your well-being like Avalon does?

There are so many amazing people that work at Avalon. I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. Avalon would not be able to fulfill their motto of Treat to Outcome if it were not for the employees fighting to treat each individual. I know countless hours off the clock have gone into clients. Whether by their treatment team, or by helping them with the billing. To each and every employee at Avalon Hills I want to personally thank you for everything you do. I have seen the impacts you have on the company and we would not be who we were without people like you.

Avalon Hills is such an amazing place and I look forward to seeing where it will take eating disorder treatment. I love being a part of Avalon Hills and helping girls feel good about themselves again. At other residential eating disorder facilities, you do not get this kind of feeling. I have read employee reviews for several other companies and most felt that the clients were just seen as dollar signs. It is so sad that our world has come to wanting money over actually helping someone. It is a breath of fresh air that there is a place like Avalon that still care about helping people and wanting to give them the best kind of treatment.

So to sum it up what is it that I love about Avalon Hills? That Avalon is so motivated to give the best possible treatment for as long as it takes and that the employees are so motivated so help Avalon succeed in treatments.

Let’s continue to be great!


- KarLee Roberts

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