Julie Wiley’s Avalon Story

Why I love treat to outcome............................

I have been with the company 2 years now this month. Every girl or woman has a story when they come to us. Because I am in UR, I often get to hear them right out the gate. Not only do I hear them from the client themselves, but often from a loved one close to them. Admission day is one of my favorite days here at Avalon. I know it is a terrible day for that client, but this is the day that I get to meet my new individual. That client becomes someone I really care about, as I take on their case. Many clients come and go, and probably don't even know how much I know and care about them. I am the one that gets to tell their story to the insurance. I am the one who helps the insurance company know that this is a person, not just a number. I review on a client many times during their stay here at Avalon. Each day I learn more and more about them, whether it's in rounds or prepping for a review. By the end of their stay here, I know a lot about that client I was assigned on that first day. The day of their discharge is even a more exciting day for me. Not because our time has come to an end, but for a new life they have each been given. I

LOVE discharge day; it just melts my heart to see who they have become. They are healthy and full of life! I was the lucky one to be given the experience to see the life changes they made. I LOVE those days!!!

I often wonder if those girls and women truly know just how strong they are. Many of them have lived through a life that most of us could not have! I hope in time that each of them realize that. That is why I LOVE treat to outcome!!

- Julie Wiley, UR Specialist

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