Darlene Wabel’s Avalon Story

I came to work at Avalon, at the adolescent unit, after working 30 years in education and having recently moved to Idaho. I knew very little about eating disorders at that time. I knew however, that I had the office skills and could contribute to Avalon by completing the required office work and assisting other staff with needs for materials and supplies to make their jobs easier.

After working here for several years, I have learned a great deal about eating disorders; how each girl is an individual and how they all recover at their own pace. I see each time a new client arrives how treat to outcome is a very positive and new method o treatment here at Avalon because each client is at a very different place when they admit.

I have loved watching as the girls begin to eat and nourish their brains as well as their bodies. I love to see their personalities return as they find that beautiful girl that was hidden deep inside for so long.

Each month I take pictures of the clients for the nursing office. I can slowly see the improvement from one month to the next. I love when they want to do a model type pose and want to smile. It is a wonderful transformation from when they admitted with a very sad face.

I am also amazed at how many parents have expressed their gratitude to Avalon for saving their daughters life. They were so sick and some near deaths door and now they are ready to return home to their families, school and a new life.

Many parents have been brought to tears when they come to discharge their daughter as they see how very close the girls have become. As much as their daughter wants to return home, she is very sad to leave staff and the remaining clients behind because they have come to be so close to each other.

I have seen as clients recover, how many have expressed true gratitude to their therapist for pushing when they needed to be pushed and listening when they need an open ear. The entire staff at Avalon work very hard to make the treat to outcome process available so clients have the opportunity to recover at their own pace without fear of being discharged before they have truly healed.

I enjoy my office job at Avalon and it allows me the opportunity to observe how treat to outcome, creates a path that allows sick clients to recover at their own pace as they begin to blossom into beautiful girls who are now looking forward to the rest of their lives.

- Darlene Wabel, Office Manager

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