Colton England’s Avalon Story

In the winter of 2015, I was surely headed for a "lay-off" of two months, particularly January, February, and possibly into March. I was in the excavation business, and at that time of year, no machine was gonna dig a hole worth anything. I started to look for other work, but things were looking pretty bleak. I thought I was going to have to run a meat grinder on a food processing line for a local meat company (not that that's the end of the world or anything). I didn't really like the sound of standing in the same spot for ten hours a day, but I was willing.

One evening I came home from work and my wife had been searching online job recruiting sites. She had found a position for Avalon Hills. It was titled "Maintenance/Grounds Keeping". We looked at the address and realized the corporate office was literally through our back yard! I immediately put on some clean clothes, and walked over to see how I could apply.

The hiring process is history, and I've now been employed by Avalon for nearly 11 months! In that time, I've moved homes, my wife and I have had a baby girl, and I've started going to Utah State University as a full time student.

Why do I feel the need to explain all of this? Well, Treatment to Outcome -our true philosophy here at Avalon- has not only been applied to the clients while I've worked here, but also, it's been applied to me! The bottom line is, Avalon cares. I'm not just a number, and neither are these clients. We're individuals. They're seeking a life changing treatment, and I'm trying to support my small, but growing family. Both of these objectives take special attention to be met. Take me for example. I used to work eight hours a day, five days a week. Now, because of my busy school schedule, I'm allowed to work Mon, Wed, Fri, for thirteen hours a day-- and make up hours on Saturday as needed. Catering to my needs, Avalon is looking out for me and my family's best interest. What a blessing this has been in my life!

Now, consider these women and young ladies. They come from all walks of life. They have varying backgrounds, varying interests, and struggle with a plethora of challenges- both physically and mentally. Like in my personal example, Avalon adapts to and FOR each of these unique circumstances. Other ED centers don't "tweak" their activities and programs to fits a client’s needs. Other ED centers don't seek new employees just to help their clients to practice their musical instruments, they don't make new employee positions, such as case manager, JUST so clients can have that much more one-to-one attention. It's these little things that count! Avalon Hills is committed to personalizing treatment for every client that comes through their doors, and they FIGHT to keep them here until they reach those goals. I'm so impressed with the employees that passionately fight for insurance companies, to keep these women in treatment until they are officially discharged. I'm so impressed with the drive they have, case after case, to help these women make it! More impressive, is the effort Avalon puts out to help clients stay after their insurance quits. Avalon won't drop the ball.

Like I mentioned before, I was hired to take care of the building and property maintenance at one of the three Avalon locations. This had been most fulfilling to me. My job is directly related to client and employee safety, as our units need to pass a certain standard by The Joint Commission-- safe enough for all individuals in any circumstance. My position is also indirectly related to the clients. I take pride and find joy in making their residence a comfortable and beautiful place. It is also my responsibility to perform driving tests with new employees to ensure that safety is the first priority in the transportation of clientele.

I hope it is evident, how grateful I am to this company and especially the leader over my department. The emphasis put into the safety of these residences alone, shows how much the clients mean to us as the Avalon Family. The structure of this company, coupled with the desire to adjust and Treat to Outcome shows through each team members actions. I am proud to be a part of Avalon.


- Colton England

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