Casey Petersen’s edited Avalon Story

When I started six years ago as a Maintenance worker at Avalon Hills, it was truly an eye opener! I have never worked in a healthcare environment. I didn’t know much, well really anything about eating disorders.

The first thing that hit me was, how young this can start. My daughter at the time was ten. As a father, in the back of my mind, I always wondered how hard it was for these families to say goodbye to their little girls, and trust they would be safe!

From the day I started, all the staff was very warm and friendly, but this was still a new working environment for me. I was use to Steel mills and Industrial Maintenance. The first time I actually felt and realized the Avalon family love, was a few months later. Winter was upon us, and after plowing the roads, I was finishing up cleaning the sidewalks. I went inside to warm up and the clients and Direct care, had a warm cup of hot chocolate, and a little note saying thank you “Casey”

It was an amazing experience, I will never forget.

As the months went on, and spring rolled around. I truly knew what it was like to be part of the Avalon Hills family.

To finally see clients, smile, laugh and giggle for the first time since they came to Avalon, I knew as a father, why parents trust Avalon Hills with their little girls!

- Casey Petersen

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