DeeDee Parry’s Avalon Story

I joined the Avalon Hills team in March of 2006. I have had the opportunity to be a part of an ever growing, changing, and improving program. A program that is not just about treating an eating disorder but a program that treats the person as a whole. Since I began my time in the admissions department, I have had the opportunity to travel to various eating disorder conferences. The first conference I attended was in Las Vegas. This was when I first learned that Avalon Hills wanted individuals who knew the program and understood the mission of 'treat to outcome' to be the face at the conferences. Every other program there had marketing people that presented a product but didn't know the heart of the program. Several of the marketing reps didn't live in the area of the program let alone know anything about what they were "selling." This was my first realization that Avalon Hills was above and beyond other programs in the field of eating disorders.

The admissions department is a wonderful department to be a part of. The skills I have learned while working with families and staff is incomparable to anything else I have learned throughout my education process. There has been a freedom in my job that allows me to spend time on the phone visiting with potential clients and families. As well as visiting with people that don't have the resources for treatment but don't know where to start for help. Never has there been a time limit on the amount of time I'm allowed to speak with one caller. I am in awe that I work for a company that encourages me to spend time visiting with people who are at a low point in their lives seeking help. That every call and every person reaching out is worth the time spent on the phone. Not every call results in an admission but every call receives time and referrals so they can find the help they need. Avalon Hills is about the people not the number.

The "Treat to Outcome"philosophy is how I'm able to speak to anyone that calls this facility gathering information about eating disorder treatment and what sets us apart from other treatment programs. I am can say, without a doubt in my mind, that Avalon Hills is a program that can help struggling women find recovery and that recovery is possible.I can honestly tell families and women that we care about them, not just while they are in treatment, but also when they are in recovery and moving on with their lives.

The job can be challenging and overwhelming at times but the staff that make up Avalon Hills is what keeps me wanting to be better and raising the bar to be a positive face in the Avalon Hills family. Without the caliber of staff that we have, "Treat to Outcome" would not be possible in my opinion. The passion and willingness to go above and beyond a job description is what makes a great company superior. I have been blessed to work different positions throughout the company and its the goodness of the people I work with that make me love and value my job. Not only do I love working with the families and clients seeking treatment, but I have gained true friendships throughout my time at Avalon Hills.

- DeeDee Parry

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