Carrie Bostrom’s Avalon story

I began working at Avalon in September of 2003. I saw an ad in the newspaper for a Direct Care person and thought "eating disorders? That sounds fun, how hard could it be?" I quickly got in education in these complex disorders and quickly gained a respect for the residential treatment model. At that time, Benita and Gary were living at the facility in the same room that Benita did therapy in. I was told that I would never see Benita, that she was too busy. For the most part that was true, she was incredibly busy being a primary therapist and building the business. As I worked late shifts I would often unload the dishwasher after the patients went to bed and Benita would come out and talk. I slowly got to know her and over the next 13 years she has become family to me.

I have seen more growth, change, heartbreak, and excitement than most at Avalon Hills. I am invested in it's success. There are many things that I am proud to be a part of. I love getting to work with such wonderful people (and critters). I know that the 'Treat to Outcome' mission is real. It is not just a marketing ploy. It really matters because we really want our patients to get better and thrive. Sadly, we have seen so many become victims to this terrible disorder that have cost them their lives. On the flip side, there is nothing more rewarding than getting graduation, wedding and baby announcements. I love that moment when someone tells DeeDee and I in admissions that they have made the decision to come to Avalon Hills. I know they have a lot of hard work ahead of them, but I know that with that work and what Avalon Hills does they can actually get better.

Benita has made the decision to keep so many of our patients in treatment despite funding. We have a team of staff dedicated to advocating for our patients and fighting difficult insurance companies. I know other treatment centers don't do this. Over the years I have spent hundreds (if not more) hours of conversations with Benita, Don, Tera and others about how to get better outcomes. We have personally done follow up visits with graduated patients to ensure their success. This can be expensive but it allows us to make sure we are treating to outcome. I am excited to see Avalon Hills continue to grow.

Carrie Bostrom
Admissions Director
Avalon Hills Residential Eating Disorder Programs

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