Warmest THANKS and REGARDS to everyone at Avalon

Avalon Hills and the AMAZING, COMPASSIONATE, DEDICATED and LOVING staff saved our daughter’s life. For 2 years, our family searched for answers to our daughter’s illness, only to find treatment approaches offered at well-known USA medical and mental health institutions that had failed to treat our daughters condition.

I will never forget that day we brought our daughter to Avalon. I noticed absolutely EVERYTHING about Avalon was different than any other treatment facility she had been in. From the lovely staff that greeted our daughter and unpacked her upon arrival to the AMAZING “direct care”, INGENIUOUS cooking staff, FUN equestrian teachers, HOPE FILLED therapists and doctors and CREATIVE AND THOUGHT LEADERS in charge of Avalon’s treatment approaches and operations. Avalon is unmatched in the quality of care and love in which it treats the children, young adults and family members entrapped by an Eating Disorder. Avalon introduced us to “treat to outcome” and that everyone can recover. Avalon was so creative and even provided our daughter a small rabbit to care for as part of her therapy. Her therapy sessions were held in that bunny house, because it was her favorite place to be. Everything about her therapy was kind, gentle and just right for her. Our family was changed forever by Avalon. It’s the people at Avalon…I’ve never met this kind of team before and know I never will again. Avalon IS HOPE….for every child and family they touch.


Anita, mother of 15-year-old Avalon Patient

(Presented to the Staff during my daughters “Goodbye” group)

Autumn darkness, a family overwhelmed by this quiet enemy hopes for life,
Vacant room, an impossible stillness to bear while awaiting news from that place named Paradise.

And then with Winter came a silent snow freezing all horizons, and so so much more,
Long unending days passed and you held true to your pure belief for what would win this war.

Our daughter and sister, now also yours… to comfort, to follow and to catch when she would fall,
Never did your courage falter, a challenge look too great, or a request too small

Ice melting brought new insights, hope, determination, even a dream stated,
Spring arrived bringing simple beauty and a voice a family had long awaited.

Heros, you walked alongside her, quietly embracing the journey of the most difficult kind,
Once summer touched those mountains an impossible recovery had beaconed it’s clear sign.

Perfect courage and determination now guided a life thru change, imperfection and the unknown,
Endless is the Autumn of recovery for a daughter now freed and returning home.
Avalon is Hope. Avalon is Life.

- Voice of An Avalon Mother

treat to outcome




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