Don Hebert - Director of Applied Neuroscience

Don HebertDr. Don Hebert began with Avalon Hills in 2006. He initially worked as a Primary Therapist and then served as Director of Patient Services for several years. He brought decades of service in the field of eating disorder treatment and the armed services--work that helped shape his unique perspective on program development. In 2010, Don retired. Fortunately, that was short-lived and he rejoined our team in 2013. He plays the role of listener, problem solver and mentor and sits on the Executive Team as a senior advisor. He is now facilitating company growth in research, development and innovation.

Don has been a therapist since 1975 following his education at Southern Methodist University. He received a Doctorate of Theology at the University of Denver. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is board-certified in Biofeedback.

Much of Don’s role involves program development and strategic planning. He is currently coordinating the research and development of brain-based interventions for the treatment of eating disorders. Don has a critical eye and a direct, honest approach to therapy and its innovation. His compassion for humanity runs deep and his years of therapeutic experience lend a wise, knowing approach to most therapeutic situations.

Don is incredibly passionate about learning; he is a voracious reader and a skilled teacher. One would be hard-pressed to find a more committed scholar. When he breaks away from work, he can be found at home reading and spending time with his wonderful wife and their spunky dogs.

Why I love Avalon Hills

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