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Todd WindleyTodd has varied skills and abilities that serve Avalon Hills. He grew up in Cache Valley, but moved to Silicon Valley, following the acquisition of Bachelor degrees in Business Marketing and Computer Arts, as well as, a Master’s Degree in New Media. During his stint in Silicon Valley, Todd was the Manager of Operations at Panasonic. During that time, he also founded a company that designs and builds websites.

Todd not only maintains the Avalon Hills websites, but he teaches the clients Martial Arts and helps them build confidence and find connection to their abilities, bodies and minds. He holds a 5th degree black belt in Shorinji Kempo and has studied martial arts for 24 years. He has taught hundreds of men, women and children how to find their true strength. He is a master at helping students find undiscovered skills and aptitude. Todd has a knack for solving technological issues, but his true gifts lie in helping individuals develop confidence and ability related to their body and mind.

Todd is an avid cook and runner. He spends his spare time on the trails around Cache Valley. It is rumored that he once ran a marathon, on a whim, the day after hearing about the event. ‘What about training?” he was asked, his reply was “I’ve been training my whole life!”

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