Darlene Wabel - Office Manager

Darlene WabelDarlene joined Avalon Hills in 2013 following 35 years of work in the Utah public school administration. She worked with teachers and counselors in eight school districts to help promote career and technical education. She organized hands-on career fairs for over 1300 students each year and wrote grants and completed acceptability reports for the acquisition of state and federal funding.

Darlene’s attention to detail and organization skills makes her great at her job at Avalon Hills! She is a compassionate soul and makes sure the clients receive their emails and correspondence from home twice a day. She realizes that communication from families is critical to clients and facilitates this important aspect of daily life. Darlene enjoys watching clients move through the Stages of Change to recovery.

Darlene works hard to ensure things in the office run smoothly and communicates well with families. She maintains email communication with families to ensure travel arrangements are on time and well-communicated.

Darlene is an adventurous grandmother and loves to take her children on adventures to introduce them to new ideas and places. She also loves to sew, quilt and scrapbook. She and her husband have a small family farm and love to spending time enjoying special family moments.

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