Darin Brower - IT Specialist

Darin BrowserDarin is charged with keeping four facilities, including 150 computer workstations in good working order.

Darin has worked in the IT industry for fifteen years and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from Utah State University. He loves working with computers, databases and web pages. Darin has a unique knack for solving staff computer issues - just because he is looking at a computer, problems mysteriously go away.

Darin has been an integral player in helping Avalon Hills streamline IT processes. His main goal is to make improvements that help the other staff members be more productive and to ensure technology enhances their workflow, rather than inhibits it.

Darin loves working with all types of gadgets and technology. He also enjoys unplugging and spending time in the yard, cultivating the greens.

Why I Love Avalon Hills

I am a native of Cache Valley, born and raised. I spent 2 years in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland Canada...

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