Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Programs


Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Programs treats and assists adolescent females and adult women in overcoming eating disorders.  From its inception in 2003, Avalon Hills has offered paths to recovery through providing new information, the development of new insights, and by providing new experiences.  We help our clients develop new ways of thriving in their lives through traditional psychotherapy and applied neuroscience.  We teach clients to manage underlying thoughts and emotions empowering them to make values-driven choices resulting in long-term recovery.  Avalon Hills treats the full range of eating disorders and effectively integrate treatment of any co-occurring issues with particular attention to trauma sensitive treatment. 

The Avalon Hills approach is client-driven based on each individual’s needs, using evidence-based treatment.  Each aspect of the program is designed to help residents integrate newly-developed skills into the context of everyday life, in an effort to prepare them for the pressures of returning to their home environment.  Avalon Hills is committed to individualized, comprehensive, and thorough treatment with a solid foundation on the concept of Treat to Outcome.  We pioneered this concept to stop the revolving door of care among clients who cycle in and out of treatment.  Treat to Outcome refers to treating the client until she has developed the ability to transition to a lower level of care and sustain her progress through a graded transition back into her home environment.