Treatment Overview

What to Expect

Every organization offering residential treatment is, at a minimum, expected to provide some combination of individual, group and family therapy as well as opportunities for learning self-regulation skills through participation in psycho-educational didactic groups. When choosing a treatment center one might go beyond the minimum by asking exactly what kind of psychotherapy is to be offered.

The treatment at Avalon Hills is guided by one basic philosophy: Treat to Outcome. Quite simply this means that we are constantly open to making research based adjustments that will increase our ability to affect change that will endure. Enduring change requires deep, structural change within the neural self-systems out of which behavioral patterns come. We want all the combinations of our various therapies (individual, group, family, experiential, neurofeedback and biofeedback) to work together to help the residents develop:

  • A renewed sense of self-agency
  • A sense of identity
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • A sense of self-awareness

With this base we hope to teach crucial skills including:

  • Reflective self-awareness (mindfulness)
  • Regulation of thoughts and emotions
  • Anxiety management
  • Mood management
  • Living with recurrent stressors

What this Requires

Advances in neuroscience research is progressing so rapidly that any understanding of brain functions and behavior must be open to reconsideration if it is to remain viable as a base for models of treatment. Current research recognizes that behavior is not merely the result of thought processes (cognitive control) but of brain systems and networks working together consciously and non-consciously. Deep structural change, lasting change, requires a dynamic approach to understanding and addressing behavior at all levels.

To learn more about how neurosplasticity concepts and applied neuroscience interventions are integrated into the Avalon Hills program, please visit our Neuroplasticity Pioneers section of this website.

What We Do

The first week after admission is used for assessment. We offer a large battery of measures to give us a picture of the client’s clinical, personality, cognitive and physiological patterns. We conduct a quantitative EEG (qEEG) that will offer of a view of the client’s brain functioning. The results of these assessments are used by the treatment team to help develop the individual’s treatment plan and to guide their treatment. Each week the whole team meets to assess the resident’s progress and to make adjustments as necessary.


Avalon Hills Fosters Neuroplastic Healing

The Avalon Hills approach harnesses the power of neuroplastic healing through innovative and effective treatment modalities.

treat to outcome




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