Registered Dietitian - accepting resumes, no current openings

Role and Responsibilities

  • Meet with patients two times per week for individual dietary coaching sessions
    • May occasionally do one-on-one eat out challenges with patients
    • May occasionally do one-on-one patient grocery shopping trip
  • Prepare and teach two nutritional groups per week
  • Communicate with patients’ outpatient dietitians to prepare for patient transitions
  • Model healthy eating behavior by eating meals with patients 1-2 times per day
  • Attend all required meetings
    • Treatment Team
    • Daily coordination meeting
    • Weekly coordination meeting
    • One eat-out challenge per month
  • Assess patient weight ranges on monthly basis
  • Coordinate quarterly nutrition field trips for patients
  • Coordinate eat out challenges every other week
  • Alternate coverage of Adolescent and Adult units on weekly basis with Dietary Manager
  • Provide advice to Direct Care department and treatment team regarding patient nutrition and eating behavior
  • Maintain confidentiality of all patient information
  • Complete all documentation (paper and electronic) within given time limits
    • Cardex documentation every time patient is met with
    • One-on-one patient sessions
    • Meal plan changes
    • Admissions, discharges, leaves of absences
  • Write menus
  • Conduct nutritional analyses on recipes
  • Monitor follow through on patient meal plans
  • Take off-duty phone calls when situations arise
  • Interact professionally with all Avalon Hills staff
  • May assist with Culinary department on occasion

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Education
    • Position requires a Bachelor’s degree in human nutrition, dietetics, or related field of study.
    • Must be certified Registered Dietitian and licensed within the state of Utah within six months of hire
    • Food Handler’s Permit or ServSafe required
  • Experience
    • Previous experience working with eating disorder patients preferred. Previous experience working with medical, clinical, and psychological staff preferred.
  • Other
    • Must be 21 or older
    • Able to creatively adapt to different communication styles with patients
    • Flexible/adaptable with last minute schedule changes
    • Comfortable eating a variety of foods and in groups
    • Previous cooking experience helpful
    • Independent

Applications Accepted By:

  • Email resume and cover letter to
  • Fax resume and cover letter to (435) 755-0439.
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